Outsourcing affects me and everyone not merely in the USA. The entire idea is that you get the same quality of work with an outside nation. Example tech support hosted in other nations. However one typically gets worse service at a low cost. Worsening this is that most of the money made goes into the GDP of other nations. The decreases, not all of them mind you, in employment and our own economy can be traced to a certain extent to outsourcing.  

The odd thing is that it isn’t always good for the nations that the jobs go to. Most of the nations that have gotten outsourced jobs also get a certain amount of unrest and they often times don’t get very much benefit from the job. Remember that corporation or company is saving so much money because of the typically awful wages and conditions that people are working in. While a job is better then no job it still isn’t enough to boost the typically poverty stricken workers. The unrest usually comes from making a slightly better wage or at least seeing that other people get basic freedoms to go with this work. In turn the awful conditions inspire unions and strikes in these nations. In places where its unusual to be able to speak your mind without fear of death, unions and striking will be hardly welcomed. 

And last but not least in time, should they gain unions and such freedoms, developed nations do everything more efficiently with better tech. If everything becomes even then the jobs will just go back. In short its a short term fix that interjects a fair amount of chaos to matters.  


Google glass

I think that you will see tech evolving that way. That being said I don’t see other technology becoming obsolete. Sure you can use a tablet and it can be useful and portable but pound for pound a desktop computer blows it out of the water for power. And that is never going to change. The smaller you can make technology the more you can fit into a bigger case. The better the tablets get the better that the desktops are going to get. The only thing that it is going to show is the divides between the techies and whatever new gimmick is running through the populace.


Their are a lot of issues with this new tech. First off is privacy. Everyone can be hacked its just the nature of the beast. But this time you have a whole level of invasion that is possible. Where you look to see what you like, it can see what you do in your private time, even hear semi private expressed thoughts. Its frankly ridiculus that someone can look at this tech and not see the inherent dangers. The next is the fact that people do stupid things without anything disracting them. The next generation will barely be able to walk unaided if this becomes the hot gift for kids.


The information I consider private can vary. Most everything at home I consider private and anything that invloves me hanging out with friends I consider semi-private. But I also am aware that things are the internet are not private. So if I post something I tend to be aware that most anyone can and will be aware of it. I consider most of the things protected by law to be private; religion, ballot etc. Granted for the most part I tend to take a legalist sort of view with as long as it also agrees with my particular moral standpoints.

I wish a lot more was private. For example I wish things on the internet could actually be private. But to do that would take an unbelievable about of engineering and consensus which is near impossible. In specifics I wish that certain data used to collate for advertising; facial expressions, everything that people buy (to a certain extent). The big thing I wish was private is anything that could be used in a big brother sense. Basically various information that could be used to track and predict who people are or what they do; what sites they’re on, who they hang out with, what they buy etc.

MOCC Talk on digital storytelling

Storytelling has a variety of different definations. But in the end it is just the dissemination of information into a particular format. The main difference is the fact that it is meant to engage as much as it gives in information. There have always been different tools for storytelling the newest are digital tools. Multimedia opens up new avenues to spread information and ensure emotional impact. Storytelling hasn’t changed its just become more of itself; a greater whole I guess would be the term.#metaliteracy

Illegal downloading

Illegal downloading is not a victim less crime. There is no victim less crime. The term is a misnomer to say there is no clear innocent victim much like saying stealing from a corporation is a victim less crime. Its not. Those same loses affect their workers and customers who then in turn affect others. That’s just how economics works. Everything is interconnected especially when you look at stock markets.

It can be different from pure stealing; mostly on semantics. If it is a program or item that is copyrighted then it is obviously stealing. If it is simple downloading by an unofficial vendor or an item that no longer has a company then it is more than likely illegal but in a moral shade of grey. In most cases what is being downloaded is copyrighted and belonging to someone other than the down loader. It is most cases stealing. Copyright is in place in order to bolster and protect artists. Saying that you’re downloading illegally from a corporation because the artist isn’t getting any money is intellectually lazy. Artists get more from revenue. Buying more CDs or more of their songs helps them not the corporation behind them.  

Most online stealing is often bolstered by the same lazy rationalization. If your interest is to aid the artist work for reform and regulation for their contracts.     


Multimedia Journalism

The storytelling aspect that I looked at was Snow Fall by John Branch. Reaching an audience can be very difficult. There is often vast differences in attention span, education and interest. Its one of the main reasons why creative writing has been such a part of journalism in modern times; it helps pull in the reader. The use of multimedia also helps this. The different diagrams help the reader keep track of what is happening. The slideshows of the different people involved bring weight and depth to the people. From names in the paper they become fleshed out people; Neighbors and friends. The different videos are educational as well as terrifying. All in all it makes for a more evocative news article. News that manages to hold your attention better will be better taken, reach a wider audience, boost revenue and most importantly get people interested in news. Something that has become more and more lacking. This is especially important when considering that news is such an integral part of a democracy. This particular article isn’t about politics but the same lesson can be applied elsewhere.#metaliteracy

Major, Defense

I am studying computer science because of its vast number of applications and high marketability. There are several different fields that I feel I would enjoy more but are nowhere near as lucrative. That being said I do enjoy computer science. For me it has the same allure as a puzzle or game. Nearly every company or organization needs a computer scientist in some way or shape. It is literally impossible in almost an instance of modern careers to totally avoid some kind of computer. 

As I said computer science is my major so it has everything to do with my career. I understand databases, project management in general, coding in Java, HTML, C++ and Python, and a variety of other facets. In general my main interests are in software development. Computer games, User friendly programming, databases etc. Each has major pros and cons and hopefully with more learning, and an internship or two, I’ll be able to narrow it down.